Cosmic Color Pixel (CCP) - 100 Pixel Set
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Cosmic Color Pixels


The CCP100D is two 50 bulb strings with a single controller. Each RGB LED bulb contains it’s own IC controller which can be individually addressed and set to any one of 16 million colors.

A 50 bulb string appears as 150 separate channels or 50 RGB channels. To make a bulb string easier to use there are three controller features.

The first is on-the-fly logical resolution selection. A 50 bulb string can be set to one of eight logical resolutions which group adjacent bulbs into single pixels.

The second is macro effects. A macro effect allows the bulb string to be manipulated at its full 50 pixel resolution using a few macro channels. There are a dozen macro effects.

The third is color effects. Color effects are used instead of the RGB channels, using 3 only channels.

New with this product is Power Line Control (PLC.) Traditionally, data cables are run to controllers to direct them. The CCB100D supports this, but it can also receive data over it’s AC power connection. You can plug several controllers into the same power cord and plug that power cord into an Injector. Your data cable connects to the Injector which puts the commands on the AC power line eliminating the need for separate data cables.


  • 100 bright, RGB LED, pixels with 6” spacing
  • Includes controller with universal voltage power supply
  • Each bulb’s color and brightness is individually controllable
  • 16 million possible colors
  • Weatherproof bulbs and controller
  • DMX and Light-O-Rama protocols
  • New Power Line Control (PLC) feature - see explanation above
  • Configured as one or two 50 bulb strings originating from a single controller
  • Configurable string resolution — 50 pixels (50 RGB channels), 25 pixels (25 RGB channels), 17 pixels, 16 pixels, 10 pixels, 5 pixels , 2 pixels and 1 pixel
  • Choice of sequential (all R, all G then all B) or RGB channel numbering Macro effects - Single Sequence Editor channel manipulates a 50 bulb string at its maximum resolution
  • All Light-O-Rama effects and two strobe effects supported
  • Legacy mode for software not supporting more than 16 channels per controller


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Cosmic Color Pixel (CCP) - 100 Pixel Set

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